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Poster programme

Posters will be on display throughout the conference in 'The Street' and can be mounted from 12:00 on Monday 7 April. Please remove your poster by 16:30 on Wednesday 9 April.

Poster boards measure 2m high x 1m wide and are Velcro compatible. Velcro will be supplied. Please ensure your poster fits within these dimensions otherwise, we cannot guarantee it will be displayed.



Electric field analysis of spinneret design for multi-hole electropsinning system
Y Zheng, Donghua University, China & The University of Manchester, UK


Specialist materials for patient mobility management
A Osanlou, Glyndwr University, UK


Irradiation embrittlment
L Parkes, Glyndwr University , UK


Technical and economic efficiency of hybrid polymer composite materials for load carrying wing structure for tourist class reusable space vehicles
T Ageyeva, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia


Analysis of physical -mechanical and structural characteristics of microwave-cured organic polymer parts
T Guzeva, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia


Linear and non-linear electrical dependency of carbon nanotube reinforced composites to internal damage
S A Grammatikos, University of Bath, UK


Production and properties of micro-cellulose reinforced thermoplastic starch
A Kmetty, MTA-BME Research Group for Composite Science and Technology, Hungary


Trapping of microparticles with laser-induced convection currents using a:Si:H
E Flores, BUAP, Mexico


Frictional damping estimation in SWCNT-polymer composites under cyclic loading
L Boldrin, ACCIS, University of Bristol, UK


Interaction of phosphine-related molecules on Si(001) investigated by low-temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy
K Sinthiptharakoon, University College London, UK


Friction minimisation for sheet metal forming at low temperatures
R Schneider, Aalen University, Germany


Composite material based on the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene and boehmite powder
A Galinovskij, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia


Materials frictional thermal behaviour in aeronautical and aerospace applications
Z Zouaoui, Glyndwr University, UK


Polysulfone-based Materials for Glass- and Carbon-reinforced plastic: Properties, Technologies, application areas
G Malysheva, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia


Mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of microwave curing of epoxy based composites
O Volchek, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia


Geometry generation challenges for modelling and analysis of structured materials
A McMillan, Glyndwr University, UK


Evaluation of resistance of diamond-like carbon coating to the corpuscular radiation in outer space conditions
E Tomilova, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia


Synthesis and sintering of nanocrystalline Zirconium diboride powders
H Gocmez, Dumlupinar University, Turkey


Choosing a direction for research in the field of new materials and acquiring professional communicative competence
I R Shafikova , Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia